Essential Dates for Summer 2015

At this time of year, many of us are focused on renewal. To quote well-known musician, Debbie Freedman, of blessed memory, “The renewal of body, the renewal of spirit, and let us say, amen”. Amen, so be it as we gently close the door on this past year, while enjoying its memories, and celebrate the beginning of the upcoming year and the lovely surprises it holds. This is the season of spiritual renewal for many of us as we enjoy time spent with family, community, and enjoy the “fresh start” of a new year.

While I enjoy my spiritual renewal this weekend, I am thinking of camp, the gently closed door of the summer past with its wonderful memories, and the celebration of the summer season to come. Each year, we, at Camp JORI, survey campers, staff and parents, gather anecdotal information from all of our stakeholders, analyze the data, and begin to plan for the next season armed with all of that information. The adult staff is participating in a camp Shabbat retreat in a couple of weeks to begin that process. We are so excited!

In response to feedback we have received from families and staff, the Camp JORI schedule will have some changes in 2015. The dates are already published, on our website and the intersession schedule is described in the 2015 Parent Handbook on page 9. This schedule will allow our sports teams to be on a similar schedule as the other camps in our area, as well as allow us to accommodate most school schedules.

The summer will begin for all campers on Sunday, June 28th, which will hopefully allow for any snow days that campers may have, and allow our staff to arrive a week earlier for staff orientation. Trip 1 will end on Tuesday, July 21st, and Trip 2 will begin on Wednesday, July 22nd. There will be an optional opportunity for campers who are staying for longer than one session to remain at camp after spending Tuesday with their families for a visit.  This intersession will allow a time of renewal for camp’s staff and for the camp facility to be well-prepared for Trip 2 campers to arrive. The camp season will end on Sunday, August 16th for all campers.