Dear JORI Families,

The staff of Camp JORI looks forward to welcoming you to the 2021 camping season. Since its beginning in 1937 as the summer program of the Jewish Orphanage of Rhode Island (JORI), campers have enjoyed summers in a nurturing, family-like environment.

Our Parent Handbook 2022 will provide you with the answers to questions and resources to help prepare your child for camp. Returning and first- time families should review the information provided in this handbook. In response to many questions raised by families regarding procedures, policies, and resources, we update this manual annually.

Health & Safety

The well-being of our campers and staff is of primary importance to us. Our counselors are well-trained in orientation sessions, as well as at staff meetings to supervise campers and to have an awareness of individual needs.

The Camp JORI Health Center is staffed 24 hours daily. While health care is available throughout the day, there is a regularly scheduled health call each day, a time when a camper will receive careful evaluation of a possible illness. If a camper or staff member is hurt or ill at other times during the day or evening, they may be brought to the health center.  If a child remains in the health center overnight, or requires a visit to the doctor, a parent will be called.

Camp JORI employs well-trained and screened security staff each summer, who patrols the area overnight. Everyone entering the camp must check in with the visitor center and receive clearance prior to entering the grounds.  Camp JORI requires background checks prior to their being hired.

Below are some of the common FAQ we receive.  If you have any additional questions, please email us @

Camp JORI offers a variety of healthy and tasty options at every meal. We are a nut free camp and accommodate all food allergies and restrictions.  Our chef is always happy to meet with campers and staff to make sure they are comfortable with the options available. 

Our campers love to receive mail from their family and friends at home. One way (parent to child) e-mail service is also available at an additional charge.

In addition to having specific staff scheduled to be on duty every night, we have security cameras and a security company.  The company provides one or two guards every night that patrol the camp.

Our campers come from New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida and Colorado

ONLY LITs should bring $20/wk spending money for their trips. No other campers need to bring money to camp.

Our campers go on at least one cabin trip.  This can be to the beach, park or baseball game.  Our LITs go on a trip every Thursday.

Campers are usually grouped in cabin by grade. Exceptions are at the discretion of the camp director.

Our health center is accessible 24 hours a day with a certified nurse.

Laundry is sent out to a laundromat.  Each camper and counselor have the opportunity to send out their laundry in their laundry bag (marked with their name) every 10 days. 

In the morning, campers go to 3 assigned activities (like instructional swim) with their cabin).  In the afternoon, they have two interest periods.  They can choose anything they like at camp.  We offer many choices, and campers can always find something to get excited about!

Our cabins are all set up so that each camper has a regular bed (no bunk beds) and space for a set of plastic drawers if they choose to bring.  We provide campers with shelving for their belongings.  All bunks have their own toilet stalls, shower stalls and sinks. 

Since its inception, Camp JORI has offered every child the opportunity to have a camping experience and to be part of the JORI family. Scholarships are given based upon ability to pay. All parents are asked to pay a portion of the fee.

To inquire about scholarships, please reach out to Jordan ( Once you connect with him, you will be asked to give some basic information and to submit the first and second pages of your most recent federal tax form. All conversations are strictly confidential

◊ 12-14 t-shirts
◊ 6-8 pairs of shorts
◊ 4 long sleeved shirts
◊ 4 pairs of pants
◊ 2-3 sweatshirts
◊ 1 warm jacket
◊ 14-16 underpants
◊ bras
◊ 14-16 pairs socks
◊ 3 pairs of pajamas (1 should be warm)
◊ 2 White t-shirts that may be painted or dyed
◊ blue and white clothing which is required for Shabbat
◊ 4 bathing suits
◊ bathrobe if desired
◊ raincoat or poncho
◊ hat
◊ Banquet outfit
◊ 2 pairs of sneakers
◊ 1 pair of waterproof rain shoes
◊ 1 pair of flip-flops
◊ 1 pair of water shoes or sandals with backsTOILETRIES
◊ brush/comb
◊ toothbrush/toothpaste
◊ deodorant
◊ shampoo/conditioner
◊ soap
◊ other personal care products
◊ sunscreen
◊ insect repellent
◊ shower caddy2 WATER BOTTLES – Labeled with campers name.
◊ pillow
◊ 2 sets of twin size sheets (sleeping bags cannot be substituted)
◊ 2 blankets (many children prefer a comforter)
◊ 6-8 shower and pool towels
◊ 4 hand towels
◊ face cloths if desired
◊ 2 laundry bags
◊ sleeping bag for overnights
◊ flash light/extra batteries
◊ stationery/stamps (pre-addressed is very helpful)
◊ books/quiet time activities
◊ camera

Campers are permitted to bring portable chairs to camp.  They may be used around the cabin areas only.  No chairs will be allowed in the program areas of camp during the program day.

Campers are also welcome to bring personal sports equipment to camp, but it is not required.  Please leave roller blades at home. Campers are responsible for his/her own equipment and should leave valuable belongings at home.

Any fans, flashlights or other powered devices must be battery operated.  Campers have very limited access to electrical connections.

JORI campers swim every day. Campers have 2-3 lessons each week, but do have a general swim each day. Swimming activities include water aerobics, water polo, water volleyball, and the opportunity to join the Camp JORI swim team which competes with other camps throughout the summer

In addition to a breakfast that includes cereal and could include everything from pancakes to eggs, there are popular entrees at lunch and dinner such as pizza, grilled cheese, tacos, chicken dishes, and a great salad bar twice daily.

The first day of each session you will sit with your cabin. However, for the rest of the summer we arrange the tables with similarly aged children and counselors at both ends of the table and in the middle. Meals are served family-style by the table counselors.

Campers will walk together to each activity accompanied by a counselor. Some activities are scheduled for your cabin and 1 or 2 daily are interest periods which are activities that you may choose. Interest periods may be with some of your cabin mates, but also include other campers. You will walk to interest activities with the other campers in the group and with the counselors leading the activity.

Your day starts with flag raising and breakfast. You have three activity periods before lunch, then a rest period and three activity periods in the afternoon. After flag lowering and dinner, you enjoy a free play time and then an evening activity.

You will live in one of our cabins with other campers in your grade. Your cabin has electricity, showers, toilets, and sinks. You also have cubbies and a single bed (not a bunk bed). There is space for you to bring a set of plastic drawers if you want to.

Yes, that’s what is terrific about our camp. We are set up to encourage community and interaction among all age groups. We also eat all meals as an entire camp community, so it is likely you will see each other at meals, too. JORI campers are generally together at evening activities and all snack times

Registration opens on September 15th. We encourage families to register as soon as possible to ensure space in your preferred session. First-time camper? Incentive grants are available at We offer financial aid on a rolling basis. Please call us if you need any additional information.

We look forward to having your family visit camp with your son or daughter. Drop us an email with your contact information to

Campers wear comfortable, casual clothes to participate in daily activities. Our footwear policy requires that campers and staff wear sneakers and socks daily. Water shoes or water sandals with back straps are required for waterfront activities. As part of our Shabbat environment, on Friday evening campers wear blue and white clothing. A nice, but not elaborate, outfit should be packed for each end of session banquet.

Campers are required to write a letter home at least twice each week. Campers receive mail from parents, relatives and friends daily. You can write emails to your child via your CampInTouch account.

An important part of the camp experience is developing a sense of independence. Our experience has shown that phone calls to campers can be upsetting to the child. Please do not call camp and ask to speak with your child. You are welcome to phone camp to check on your child’s camp experience. Camp photos will be posted daily and can be accessed via your CampInTouch account.

Camp JORI employs a full-time nurse who lives at camp and handles all health care issues for campers and staff throughout the summer. The nurse is assisted by a health assistant who is a certified medical assistant. Health care includes a daily Health Call and dispensing of daily medications. We have physicians on call only a short drive away. In case of emergency, we use South County Hospital in Wakefield, RI. Should your child spend time in the Health Center overnight or require medical attention from a physician, you will be notified.

We maintain a Kosher kitchen operated by a professional chef. Our carefully prepared menus are “kid-friendly” and vary. There is always something healthy and delicious to eat.

Breakfast always includes cold cereal and an entrée such as pancakes, eggs, or French toast. There is also a breakfast bar that includes yogurt, fruit and granola. Lunch and dinner entrees include various chicken and beef dishes, and dairy meals like grilled cheese and pizza. At breakfast and dairy meals fat free, lactaid and soy milk are available.

At lunch and dinner we have a salad bar that provides a choice for campers who are looking for an alternative to the meal’s main course. We also have peanut butter and jelly available. If there is a meat meal, there will be a vegetarian option. Special dietary needs or restrictions can be accommodated and should be should be communicated to the senior staff prior to camp.

Campers are served two snacks daily.

Our campers look forward to the weekly celebration of Shabbat. On Friday afternoon, campers have two periods rather than the normal three. Showers, music preparations, blue and white clothing and specially set tables take a bit of extra time. The entire camp participates in a traditional Friday evening meal followed by services. After dinner, the entire camp community dances together and enjoys a special treat prepared by our chef. On Saturday morning, JORI campers sleep late, eat breakfast with their cabins and are served by their counselors. Saturday afternoons are devoted to camp-wide special events. Shabbat ends with Havdalah followed by evening activity.

Leader-in-Training (LIT) campers are the only JORI campers who regularly leave camp for field trips. LIT’s have weekly field trips as part of their program. Younger campers may leave camp on an occasional basis for a special cabin treat or in the case of multiple rainy days in a row.

Campers are placed in their cabins based on the grade they are entering in the upcoming school year. Each cabin has 3 counselors and 10-13 campers

Each child is different when it comes to being “ready” for camp. Our youngest campers are entering second grade in the fall after their first summer at camp. Questions to consider include: Is s/he looking forward to camp? Are they successful at sleepovers with their friends? The senior staff of Camp, will be happy to speak with you about these and other issues to make the best decision for your child and you.