“Olympics has broken, like the first morning”…

“Olympics has broken, like the first morning”…

As I borrow from Cat Stevens’ well-known song, I can’t help but think that we have broken up the birdsong that I normally hear each morning at camp. This is broken by the even more beautiful sound of campers and counselors beginning another day at Camp JORI! Today, was special as we began Olympics by having runners pass by the dining room windows with an Olympic banner and flag. The excitement and applause built in intensity as more and more campers noticed the runners while I made my usual morning announcements!

What is so special about Olympics? Is it the camaraderie of a large group of people all dressed and painted in team colors? Is it the scenes of older campers cheering on younger campers, and coaching them from the sidelines? Is it the hugs and kindness from opposing team-mates as their friends are defeated? Is it the cheering for an athletes’ first goal scored of the summer or is it even the whining and complaining about minor scratches and muscle soreness? It is all of that and especially, it is the team-work and effort that every JORI staff member and camper puts into creating a high-intensity, competitive program that allows every camper to shine.

Some of you reading this are thinking, “what about my child?” S/he doesn’t like sports! S/he hates face paint! S/he likes to go to arts and crafts, and sing, and read during rest period! That is part of the beauty of Olympics at Camp JORI. I was that kid, and I am still that adult, but I love Olympics! Answering questions at JORI Bowl, designing an Olympic banner, writing cheers and songs to be presented as part of the song, banner and cheer competition that crowns the three day event….those are my events! Sitting by the lake enjoying canoe races, sailing races and even a long relay while eating frozen lemonade and listening to the music and humorous patter of the DJ…that’s part of my Olympic experience!

Enjoy the photos, here’s a video of Rope Burn, read the letters from your kids, and allow yourselves to really see and feel the excitement of Olympics at Camp JORI….