2018 Dates and Rates


This summer, Camp JORI goes beyond the traditional idea of a summer camp with a unique non-competitive, nurturing performing arts ‘Camp-Within-A-Camp’ (JORIPAC), for campers in 7th-10th Grade, that want to immerse themselves in their choice of performing arts headline activities.

Enjoy the warm, family-like atmosphere of Camp JORI’s safe and nurturing camp sharing Jewish values and culture. Try your hand at theater, dance, and circus arts enhanced by our strong sense of “TaCEO” – Taking Care of Each Other. Ours is a traditional Jewish summer camp that maintains the best of camp traditions, while constantly introducing new and exciting activities and experiencing Jewish values and culture first-hand is part of our daily routine at Camp JORI – from blessings to using Hebrew words we make sure our environment embraces our deep Jewish heritage.

If you’ve got an aspiring entertainer on your hands, the occasional school play probably isn’t enough of an outlet for their creative energy.  Unplugged and open to new experiences, teens act, sing, dance, walk on stilts, tumble, juggle, and perform at exciting all-camp shows.  We’ll be offering just one JORIPAC session this year – so sign up early to reserve your spot!

The Next Generation of Performing Artists at JORIPAC

Want to strengthen your presence on stage? Want to try your hand at theater, dance, circus, and musical theatre? How about learn more about fashion or costumes? You choose what you want to do in Drama, Dance, and Circus concentrating on what you like best.  Projects are individualized for every age and skill level from beginner to the more advanced. The appropriate degree of freedom, challenge, and instruction is offered so that teens can explore their own ideas. By creating your own two-week summer Arts camp program you get exactly what you want in rewarding summer arts fun while we share the stories of our lives.

Headliner Activities

JORIPAC offers a choice of “Headliner” specialty programs during morning sessions allows campers to customize their summer program so each day is a new experience, including Theatre, Dance, and Circus Skills. And there’s plenty of time to hike, read or simply dream before and after the real activities commence.

  • Theatre – acting, musical theatre, improv games and activities focused on communication skills, conflict resolution, creativity, and FUN
  • Dance – a dance/acting/movement/sports mash-up designed to raise appreciation for an active, healthy life exploring many styles of dance
  • Circus – we’ll explore stretching, clowning, stage combat, active theatrics, agility, and even some active circus games.

For complete beginners as well as experienced young artists, JORIPAC is the perfect place to develop creative skills. Each Headliner Activity provides a unique experience focused on skill development, fun, and creativity.  Workshops are tailored for the specific age group and designed to engage each and every camper, whether they have experience in the subject matter or not. All our options feature experienced staff to ensure that our campers get the highest quality of instruction and supervision in the areas of their greatest interest.

Building Communication

Each day begins with a session of the camper’s Headliner Activity (each focuses on one of our 21st century art forms).  Every Headliner Activity contains instruction, guided exploration, and time for kids to get creative and work with the art form in their own way.  Next is lunch, followed by daily improv workshops led by the Pros and then campers choose daily between a mashup of athletic, adventure oriented, performing and creative arts activities to work on more elaborate and involved projects (with snacks in between), followed by a closing activity with the whole group. And then it’s off to camp life!

What is Improv…?

Improv is a form of theatre where characters, storylines, and dialogue are made up on the spot.  Basically, we do improv every day in real life – talking to our friends or parents, talking on the phone, public speaking, dealing with difficult situations, or waiting at the bus stop. Improv is relevant to everyone’s lives, and we can use fun improv games and exercises to help us all improve communication skills, problem solving, and thinking on the spot.  Improv is tons of fun, and we’ll discover new ways to use it every day!  Some special areas we’ll focus on are conflict resolution, public speaking, spontaneity, comedy, and dialogue.

It’s Showtime!

Share your new Performing Arts Skills learning how to write and workshop material, and test it out on your peers with other campers in spectacular spontaneous performances. Those campers who truly enjoy performing can choose to be a part of JORIPAC’s theater production allowing the kids to really work together as a team. Under the direction of our Theater Specialists, the campers help to produce the entire play from costuming, props, acting, singing and dancing as a group project shared with the entire camp.

Space is limited.

2018 Dates and Rates