Reflections on Summer 2014

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Reflections on summer 2014

During the month of September, as I become re-acquainted with friends, family, and community members, the first question asked is, “How was camp this summer?” The follow-up comment is usually, “so, now you get to relax for a while” or something to that effect. I refrain from giving snarky answers, but I do say, happily, “in fact, we are opening registration for summer 2015 on September 15th!” Jaws drop, surprise is expressed, and there in a nutshell is the lifecycle of a camp director.

This season is no different. As I described the activities that were enjoyed, meals that were eaten, experiences that were shared, and campers, staff, and parents that I met, it occurred to me that the story can be partially told with numbers. Here they are:

• 424 Campers spent time with us this summer
• 76950 meals were served in our spacious, lovely dining room
• 92 campers performed and participated in every aspect of play production in our performances of Annie and Hairspray
• 293 Campers sailed Worden’s Pond at least once!
• 13 Campers were certified as lifeguards by JORI staff
• 83 New, first time campers were entrusted into our care
• 501 People celebrated a joyous Shabbat each week
• 21 Campers participated in our Israel Journey program
• 198 Campers and Staff enjoyed the party provided by Party Excitement Entertainment
• 110 fish were caught, that we know of….
• 43 bulls eyes were celebrated
• 11 campers lost teeth and were treated to a special bracelet
• 14 campers tried out camp for a weekend with our Jump into JORI program

These numbers are not the entire story. Bigs and Littles who cried saying goodbye, counselors who stayed until way past the time to leave camp on August 14th, just to hug one more time, loud chanting for Jorge, our chef to come into the dining room, enthusiastic singing and dancing on Friday evenings, victories in a multi camp swim meet, and even a soccer defeat at the hands of some very talented boys from another camp. These also contribute to the story that is Camp JORI summer 2014. Olympics, sunrise breakfasts, star-gazing, paddling, swimming, campfires, sock-wrestling, art around camp, bedtime stories and songs, these, too, are woven into our post-camp memories. On and on goes the list….

I look forward to greeting all of you during the next months until the start of camp in summer 2015… to remember the summer past, look forward to the summer coming, answer questions, and just say hello![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]