Today, we touched the sky…

Not everyone is lucky enough to start her day with a ride in a hot air balloon! But, I did! This morning, a hot air balloonist came into camp asking if he could launch a few balloons from our field. The conditions weren’t conducive at their usual site, so, I agreed! Of course, I couldn’t enjoy this experience alone. Tzafon Girls 1 were walking by, and I invited them to join me. Within a few minutes it became clear after some test balloons were released that a major happening was going to be a major bust!

What happened next was an unexpected delight. While tethered to the truck, the balloonist offered rides for our campers and counselors who were present. I quickly texted everyone at breakfast and asked them to come to the softball field. It so happened that TG1 girls were last week’s honor cabin winners and they got this ride as a prize!

The field quickly filled with the rest of the JORI campers and staff who were observers! The poor man thought he was going to have to give everyone a ride. I assured him that only the original 14 were expecting that!

What a morning it was. The best part of the day? Spontaneity, cheering, and the words of Chloe D, “Ronni, you told us that camp was a great time for firsts, and this just proved it.”