Why You Should Register Now…

DSC_0129As a camp professional, I am often asked the following questions returning from my summer home.

“Have you recovered?”
“This must be a quiet time of year for you.” 

I smile and tell them that we just opened registration for next summer and they are shocked.

“Oh my goodness, I just got my kids back to school, why must I think about next summer?”

Summer 2015 does seem far away, especially since I haven’t taken out my fall clothes yet. The reality is that every year, I am amazed at how quickly the time passes and my big plans for how I want to spend that time, both professionally as well as personally don’t always make it past the brainstorming stage.

Which brings me to the reasons why you should register your children for camp NOW. In a nutshell, the earlier we have the information about who is coming to camp next summer, the better we can plan for your campers’ experience.

  • Who are we going to hire as counselors and program staff
  • What kinds of activities will we have?
  • What supplies do we need, furniture, beds, kitchen supplies?
  • Where can we squeeze in another staff member?
  • What group will benefit from an extra counselor?
  • What do we need to add to our staff training plans?

Just in case you need some extra encouragement to register right now, here are just some of the great emails we received from families since Summer 2014 ended…

“I know you already know this… our children each had the best Summer ever at Camp JORI in 2014, making many new friends, loved the activities and sock wrestling and Olympics, loved the counselors both American and from Israel, liked their exposure to Jewish traditions and Zionism, and they each grew up! They both cannot wait to come back next year.  We feel so grateful and THANK YOU!!!”

“I knew from our son’s first letter that Camp JORI was for him. Coupled with the fact that every picture we saw of our son on the website, he had the biggest smiles! And of course, all he has been talking about since he got home is Camp JORI and all his friends, and all his experiences. This letter is for the entire staff, we cannot thank-you enough for keeping our son safe, and also giving him one of his best summer’s ever!”

“Thank you from us for giving our daughter a wonderful “home away from home.” We’ve loved the nonstop stories of all the great things she enjoyed about camp. all wonderful memories for her (and tons of BFFs, of course, many of whom say they are coming back next summer, so she’s especially happy for that). We cannot thank you enough for all you do for the children who are so lucky to go to JORI.”

“After dropping my children off at camp, I always drive away with a safe, secure, happy feeling!!! Camp JORI is home to us!!”