Yom Yisrael – JORI Style

IMG_0843Yesterday, we spent the entire day celebrating Israel – but this year, it was really a culmination of things the campers began doing the first day of camp!  The planning for this day started all the way back in March when our Israeli staff met with our Assistant Director, Rachel at a training seminar.  It was decided then that Yom Yisrael or Israel Day could be so much bigger than one day.

This year, we chose to teach campers about the National Israel Trail, known as Shvil Yisrael.  This trail runs from the the northern most tip of Israel all the way to the south.  Each cabin was assigned a city in Israel and asked to learn as much as they could about that city.  Together, they could earn facts from staff with good behavior during activities, getting good scores on Inspection and even writing home to ask their families for information.  The staff also gave out facts at random points during the day and would offer pictures and anecdotes as well.  With all of this information, each cabin was asked to create a poster that would be displayed on Yom Yisrael all around main camp, where we created our own Shvil Israel.

IMG_0840Yesterday morning, as campers arrived for breakfast, they found the dining hall decorated with flags and posters while Israeli music was playing over the sound system.  The staff woke up early to create a yummy Israeli breakfast including Shakshuka and salad.

After rest hour later in the afternoon, the entire camp were able to learn about the different cities from the posters each cabin created while also enjoying stations that included pita making, a Western Wall made out of boxes, tie dying t-shirts blue and wIMG_0839hite to look like Israeli flags and so much more.

The afternoon ended with a quiz show created by our LIT campers to see just how much the campers learned about all of the cities from each of the cabin displays.

Be sure to ask your campers what city their cabin learned about – you will be amazed at just how much they know!