Camp JORI Alumni

Welcome Home Camp JORI Alumni!

TACEO is a part of you forever…and YOU are part of the Camp JORI family forever. This is your summer home on the web: a place to connect, reminisce, share, and take part in Camp JORI's future for the next generation of children and teens.

What are we working on for alumni:

  • We are updating our alumni database. Please fill out THIS survey and send it to your bunkmates to encourage them to fill it out.
  • Reunite on the Camp JORI Alumni Facebook page!
  • Give your own children the gift of Camp JORI and Enroll Now
  • Send your old JORI pictures to
  • Want to help with alumni events? Become an alumni ambassador and email Madi Bader at


June 8-9, 2024

The link to register for the Camp JORI Alumni Reunion (Third Annual) is now live! Be sure to share it with your friends! More details are on the event page. #BlueAndWhiteReunite