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  • When swim time is so much more than just playing in the water.
    When swim time is so much more than just playing in the water Summer camps are a fantastic opportunity for children to explore new environments, develop new skills, and form meaningful connections with others. Our aquatics program at JORI is one of our most popular programs, which allows campers to swim, play, and learn about water safety. Whether it is an instructional swim required for our […]
  • My First Time At Camp JORI: A Camper Story
    My first time at Camp JORI A Camper Story I had never been to summer camp before but I was excited to try it out. My parents had signed me up for a 4-week long sleepaway camp in southern Rhode Island called Camp JORI, and I couldn’t wait to explore a new place and meet new friends. As we drove down to the campsite, I felt nervous and anticipation. I had never been away from home for so long […]
  • Choose Your Own Summer Adventure at JORI
    Choose Your Own Summer Adventure at JORI   August 2, 2019, at Camp JORi. This week’s blog has a Camp JORI Mad Lib for you. Summer is the perfect time for outdoor adventures and creating unforgettable memories with friends. And what better way to add some extra fun to your summer camp experience than with a game of Mad Libs?  For those of you who don’t know, Mad Libs is a game […]
  • A&C is more than painting, drawing, and art; it’s lifelong skills.
    Summer camps are more than just a place for children to play and have fun during the summer months. They also allow children to learn important life skills and values that can help shape their character and future. Our art and crafts programs are integral to our curriculum for teaching core values to campers. At JORI, art is a part of our life; we believe in its power to help our campers expand […]
  • I bet you didn’t know this about Outdoor Adventure!
    Summer camp is a time for children to disconnect from technology, connect with nature, and learn important life skills. One of the best ways for kids to do this is through outdoor adventure programs(nature, rockwall, etc.), which can help them become more appreciative, understanding, compassionate, and resilient. At JORI, a child’s experience with nature is an opportunity for them to learn […]