Tech FREE Camp the Reset, Your Child Needs

Tech FREE Camp the Reset, Your Child Needs

 Explore how being tech-free has endless benefits for your child.

JORI has been a beloved tradition for children since 1937, providing a chance for kids to disconnect from the distractions of technology and reconnect with nature, themselves, and their peers. However, the benefits of a tech-free summer camp experience have become even more critical in today’s digital age, where children live on screens.

Health Benefits 

The first benefit of a tech-free summer camp is the chance to disconnect from the constant stimulation of technology and connect with the natural world around them. The great outdoors provides endless opportunities for exploration and adventure, and children who spend time in nature have better physical and mental health. In addition, they experience an increase in self-esteem, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

“Spending time in nature is linked to both cognitive benefits and improvements in mood, mental health and emotional well-being.”

-Top 3 benefits according to American Psychological Association

Social Development

When children are disconnected from technology, they also have the opportunity to develop important social skills. For example, at a JORI, campers interact with their peers in person rather than through screens. As a result, they learn how to communicate effectively, work as part of a team, and build lasting friendships. This is essential for children’s social and emotional development and helps them build the foundation for healthy relationships later in life.

We believe being tech-free also allows children to develop independence and self-reliance. Campers are encouraged to take on new challenges and responsibilities, such as maintaining the cleanliness of their cabins, following the activity schedule, and learning to write letters. This teaches children valuable life skills and helps them build confidence in their abilities to learn without google.

Rest and Recharge

We can all appreciate the feeling of unplugging from the constant barrage of information and distractions. At Camp, our children can relax, recharge, and focus on the present moment without the constant pull of notifications, messages, and anxiety-inducing social media. This break allows them to return home with a renewed sense of balance, focus, and well-being.

Personal Growth

Another benefit of tech-free summer camps is that they allow the campers to develop their interests and hobbies. Children can explore new interests, such as hiking, fishing, painting, OA, sports, or sock wrestling, with no screens to distract them. This exposure can lead to a lifetime of enjoyment and fulfillment as they continue to pursue these passions as adults.

Go Tech-Free with JORI

Furthermore, a tech-free summer camp experience allows children to better appreciate the world around them. They learn to appreciate their capabilities, building their self-esteem so they can handle it with trust and faith in themselves when they return to our digital world.

We hope that by reading this blog, you now know why we believe in and enforce going tech-free at JORI. 

Our experience is perfect for today’s children. The benefits of disconnecting from technology and connecting with nature, their peers, and themselves cannot be overstated. They return home with improved physical and mental health, stronger social and emotional skills, increased independence and self-reliance, and a renewed sense of balance and well-being.

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